Dear Declan —

Yesterday, sitting on my lap as I took off my shoes after a long day of work, you said to me, “Daddy, sometimes during the day I miss you, and then I look at your shoes and I don’t miss you any more.”

the shoes

What was extraordinary about this is that you said it as a statement of fact, reporting on your experience, without sentimentality. You had found a solution to a problem. This of course caused me, a grown up already on the sappy side before having kids, to be that much more overcome by the sweetness of your comment.

3 thoughts on “Shoes

  1. Rufus –

    What a sweet story and a sweet boy. I hope you post more often as I imagine you have alot to say worth reading. Nothing in this world makes me feel more vulnerable than my kids. I write for Babble from time to time (and enjoy it very much). So getting to know its founders (you and Alisa) is a really nice thing. Will check back in again.


  2. Thanks for the encouragement Emily! In a parallel and otherwise identical universe I can see myself posting daily, and I hope to get there. And thank you for your contributions to Babble!


  3. Rufus, This may sound weird but I always thought of shoes as the window to the soul. I think your son has got it going on. Emily, totally agree with you on the kids make you vulnerable thing. I felt it the moment my oldest was born. Rufus, if you keep writing, I’ll keep reading.


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