A Big New Book Out from My Not-So-Little Sister

Amanda Little

Amanda Little

My not-so-little sister Amanda has a new book the came out from Harper Collins today called POWER TRIP: From Oil Wells to Solar Cells—Our Ride to the Renewable Future.

POWER TRIP is unlike any other book that I have read — it combines fearless, sometimes amusing Michael-Moore-style investigation with level-headed, deeply researched analysis of the history and future of energy. Amanda choppers out to a Gulf of Mexico oil rig to explore the latest drilling technology; crawls down a manhole to examine New York’s electricity grid; joins T. Boone Picken’s on his private jet for a tour of the world’s biggest wind farm; talks renewable energy with top brass in the catacombs of the Pentagon; and shares a play-by-play of a silicon breast implant (it is petroleum derived, after all). The result is sugar-coated spinach — an important book on a critical subject that you’ll love even if you don’t give a flying tahooty about the likelihood that we will all be wearing Water Wings in 50 years.

Though it may be reasonable to assume that my vision is blurred by my affection and admiration for my sister, the same cannot be said of Robert Redford, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. or Pulitzer Prize winning Daniel Yergin, all of whom rave about the book (see below), not to mention Kirkus, who called it in a starred review “one of the best books on the energy crisis to emerge in recent years.”

You can the book here http://bit.ly/IaeZP and visit Amanda’s website here http://www.amandalittle.com/.

“Power Trip offers a panoramic view of our energy crisis, exploring past, present, and future with hope, passion and humor. Whether you are liberal or conservative, expert or novice, young or old, you’ll find adventure and insight in this book.”

—Robert F. Kennedy Jr. President, Waterkeeper Alliance

“Amanda Little takes a crucial and complicated issue and weaves a fast, fun, gripping story. She represents the best of a new young perspective, a new voice of green.”

—Robert Redford

“A wonderfully illuminating voyage. Little charts a fresh path outside the usual doctrinaire accounts on energy. Her intelligence and enthusiasm will change the way you think about the future.”

—Steven Johnson, bestselling author of The Ghost Map and The Invention of Air

“Lively, engaging and most thought-provoking, Power Trip takes us on a journey through the very wide world of energy, from its colorful past to its high-tech future. Little answers the questions that perplex many — and, so importantly, identifies the key questions that only the future will answer.”

—Daniel Yergin, Pulitizer Prize-winning author of The Prize: the Epic Quest for Oil, Money, and Power

“Energy is the most important story in the world bar none, and no one has ever told it with more verve than Amanda Little. If you want to know how the world works, and why it may not work much longer, this is the book you need.”

—Bill McKibben, bestselling author of The End of Nature and Deep Economy

“It’s hard to imagine a book about energy that would appeal as much to a business executive as it would to an eco-activist–or, for that matter, to a soccer mom, a farmer, a politician or a student. Here it is. This provocative story about America’s love affair with energy is a must-read for everyone.”

—Jim Rogers, Chairman and CEO of Duke Energy

“Combine the historical intrigue of Jared Diamond, the journalistic flare of Tom Wolfe, and the passionate advocacy of Rachel Carson — and you get Power Trip. Amanda Little’s multifaceted approach makes this the one book about our energy past and future that everyone should read and all will enjoy.”

—Andrew Shapiro, founder and president of Green Order

“In her ambitious and highly readable first book, environmental journalist Little explains how the United States became addicted to fossil fuel–based energy and how we can break this addiction. . . . Jargon-free and written with a fine eye for detail— [POWER TRIP is] one of the best books on America’s energy crisis to emerge in recent years.”

—Kirkus Reviews, *Starred Review

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