Family Photo Featuring Five Year Old in Star Wars Tighty Whiteys Promises Future Mortification

We have every reason to believe that eight years from now, perhaps sooner, Declan will be willing to offer any number of lawn mowings, table settings, shirt-tuck-ins, and other acts of obedience in order to get the family photo below, in which he appears wearing Star Wars tighty whiteys (or tighty-not-so-whiteys) in lieu of a bathing suit, removed from the wall.

This photo was taken on a glorious Father’s Day, at Stinson Beach near San Francisco. To my left are the volkman sister trio Teryn, Alisa and Lori (from left to right). Also pictured: Teryn’s kids Lily and Zoey, Teryn’s goteed husband Ed, Lori’s kids Will, Coby, and Ella, and our boys Grey and, in tighty whitey glory, Declan. Following the wise guidance of Mark and Blythe Harris, we had lunch at Mountain Inn near the top of Mount Tamalpais, hung out on Stinson beach, and then had a beer and Fish and Chips on the lawn of the Pelican Inn. Spectacular day.

A knee-weakeningly endearing, prestalgia-inducing shot of Alisa, Grey and cousin Ella follows.

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