Two Year Old Recycles Self

Demonstrating what his parents like to think is an early concern for the environment rather than low self-esteem (of which there is little other evidence), Grey Griscom attempted to recycle himself this morning.

This incident followed another act of what appears to be precocious environmental sensitivity. Yesterday, Grey insisted upon putting his poopie diaper back on after it was removed and he was cleaned. Some relatives believe this was, in fact, a case of monumental obstinacy, following as it did ten minutes of Grey screaming “no change diaper” and “no fresh diaper” and “put poopie diaper back on!” Grey is, without a doubt, a child whose willfullness and intractability bring to mind that of a 3,600 horsepower diesel locomotive. But his father prefers to interpret this incident as an early attempt at conservation, following in the footsteps of his carbon negative Aunt Amanda and Uncle Bronson.

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