The Life Cycle of A Sand Castle, in Eleven Pictures

Yesterday, Declan and I built one of our favorite sand castles, which we call the Tidal Pool Dribble Castle Sand Boat. The TPDCSB has many advantages, including immediate tidal pool ocean water interaction, dribbling opportunities, and comfortable seats in a secure boat in which small, not-yet-seaworthy boys can valiantly battle the waves as the tide rises.

We start with a basic sea wall / tidal pool moat / main wall construction.

As soon as our prayers to the wave gods are rewarded, we commence dribbling.

Please note that while it may look otherwise, no actual child labor was employed in the construction of this tidal pool dribble castle sand boat. Declan’s role was purely supervisory. (Note:  Declan broke his right arm a few weeks ago, and has a rubber thing over the cast protecting it from sand and water. Mercifully, he has no idea it makes his arm look like a giant crab claw.)

The completed moat and rino-style dribbles help repel would be invaders from all sides.

Because this is an American Sand Boat, it comes with not one but two cup holders, as well as a toy shelf. The green suntan lotion in the middle is the ignition button.

For a glorious 10-15 minutes, the TPDCSB accomplishes one it’s covert missions, which is to let the construction foreman read a magazine while the captain and his lieutenant install a much needed staircase for egress to the lifeboats, if that becomes necessary.

The sea begins her merciless ravaging.

Declan, who prefers to be the protagonist of merciless ravaging, gets in on the action.

The sea rejoins.

She hath no mercy … this is a close up from the shot above, all taken with the iphone 4, incidentally. It’s now the only camera I use … love the crisp detail in this sea ravaging action shot.

This amorphous crater, good for little other than upending lovers strolling in the moonlight, is all future generations of beach goers will have to deduce what took place here.

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