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Moments in Succession is a blog about my experiences as a dad, entrepreneur, husband, and post-adolescent trouble maker. By the way I am Rufus Griscom, father of Declan, 5, and Grey, 2, husband of Alisa Volkman, co-founder and non-executive chairman of Nerve.com, and co-founder and CEO of Babble.com.

boys like wind

boys like wind

One thought on “About this blog

  1. Hi Rufus,
    I’ve seen your interview on GMA about your book Dirt Is Good For You.
    I’m a producer at Weekend TODAY, a national morning TV program in Australia and I’d love to have you on our show to speak about the book and some of the bad things parents do. It would make a very funny segment.
    Unfortunately I can’t get onto Babble’s US site to contact you there (blocking my IP address only works to a certain extent).
    I would love to speak to you about the possibility of coming on our show in late January/February or whenever would suit you.
    Can you please email me so we can discuss this further?
    Thanks Rufus,


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